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flip, toss - lightly toss to discover which side will come up; "I don't know what to do--I'll as well flip a coin!"

four. one particular's chance or obligation (to perform, have and many others something shared by a number of individuals). It is really your transform to choose a document; You'll have to attend your turn in the toilet. beurt دَوْر ред vez řada die Reihe tur σειράturno kord نوبت vuoro tourתור pink, redosljed (következés:) rajtad a sor giliran tækifæri, skipti turno 順番 차례 eilė kārta; rinda giliran beurttur, omgangkolej نوبت vez rând очередь rad, poradie (biti) na vrsti za purple tur หน้าที่ sıra, yapma sırası (依次輪流的)順次,輪到 черга باري lượt (依次轮流的)顺次,轮到

2. At an inappropriate time or within an inappropriate way: The scholar was reprimanded for speaking out of turn.

five. to go spherical. They turned the corner. om gaan يَلْتَفُّ حَوْل завивам dar a volta obejít biegen um dreje omkring στρίβωdoblar ümber (millegi) minema دور زدن kääntyä tourner לְהִסתוֹבֵב इधर उधर देखना zaobići, obići bekanyarodik memutari fara/beygja fyrir girare 曲がる 돌다 pasukti už apiet membelok omgaangå rundtobjechać, obejść دور وهل dar a volta a se întoarce поворачивать zahnúť zaviti okoli skrenuti svänga runt, vika om, runda หัน köşeyi dönmek 繞過 обходити навкруги گفتگو کرنا đi dạo 绕过

57. (Armed forces) a military services manoeuvre through which Guys or ships change their route of advance jointly

ideal - pop over to these guys a transform toward the aspect of the human body that is definitely about the south when the individual is dealing with east; "have a proper with the corner"

modify point out, turn - bear a transformation or simply a modify of place or motion; "We turned from Socialism to Capitalism"; "The folks turned versus the President when he stole the election"

alter - bear a transform; turn into various in essence; shedding a person's or its unique mother nature; "She changed entirely as she grew more mature"; "The weather improved final evening"

two. the speed at which cash or staff go through a company. menseomset, personeelwisseling مِقْدار الإنْتاج брой на новопостъпили и напуснали кадри movimento comercial pohyb, fluktuace die Umgruppierung omløbshastighed; gennemtræk ρυθμός αλλαγής, αντικατάστασης ή κυκλοφορίας του κέρδους σε εταιρεία rotación de personal ringlus, voolavus میزان گردش کار vaihtuvuus mouvement, renouvellement שִיעוּר תַחֲלוּפָה व्यापार की मात्रा promet, obrtaj megtérülés perputaran endurnÿjun, hreyfing movimento 回転率 회전율 apyvartos tempai apgrozījuma temps kadar pusing ganti verloopomløpshastighet; gjennomtrekk przerób د کار د ګردش میزان movimento rotaţie оборачиваемость; текучесть pohyb, fluktuácia pretok denarja, ljudi obrt omsättning อัตราเงิน หรือคนหมุนเวียน oran 流通率 обіг; плинність робочої сили بھاؤ sự quay vòng 流通率

transform condition, transform - bear a metamorphosis or even a modify of situation or action; "We turned from Socialism to Capitalism"; "The individuals turned against the President when he stole the election"

3. An area, as within a highway or route, exactly where a adjust in way happens; a curve: a pointy transform within the street.

change off, transform off, change out, Reduce - bring about to stop running by disengaging a swap; "Flip from the stereo, remember to"; "Slash the engine"; "flip out the lights"

(= transpire) → sich herausstellen; he turned out being the murderer → es stellte sich heraus, dass er der Mörder war

still left - a switch towards the facet of the human body that is on the north when the person is dealing with east; "have a left for the corner"

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